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Buying a home can be stressful, and a loan is the last thing that you'll want getting in the way of becoming a home owner.

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Refinance Your Home

Looking to refinance your existing home? Rates are always changing and a change in interest by 1% can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

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Loan Programs

If you've served this country, United Security Financial Corp would like to serve you by offering the lowest VA rates available.

United Security Financial Corp can also give you the best rate on FHA, or Conventional home loans to meet your needs.

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"When I started United Security Financial, I had only one goal: help my clients get the best, most affordable mortgages. Period. Twenty-six years later, it's still the philosophy that drives United Security Financial. It's what sets us apart.

When you're ready to realize your dream, you need a partner that cares about that dream as much as you do. Here at United Security Financial, we believe there is nothing that can bring greater peace of mind in the wake of recent economic struggles, like making your home payments more affordable. It is our goal to help people find that peace."

- Lois Johnson

United Security Financial Corp is committed to providing its customers with the best rates possible for their circumstances. Apply today to be contacted by a knowledgable loan officer to discuss the best loan program for your needs.

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